The building in which Luna was located has changed ownership and the new proprietor had their own plans for the space.

To clarify the circumstances surrounding the lease termination of Luna: press reports stating we were forced to relocate are incorrect - we were not forced out of our location and in fact accepted an optional relocation package. Thus, the new owners of the building and Luna came to a mutual agreement of terms for the termination of the lease.

While I am deeply saddened to move on from our moody, romantic oasis, I am viewing this as an opportunity to continue to refine and elevate the Luna brand and shopping experience.

You can now find Luna in our beautiful, temporary new home on the 2nd floor above Lex & Lynne. I simply can't thank Alexis enough for so graciously sharing her space with Luna. This is what community is about. Having this option allows for us to continue operating our business with (virtually) no interruption, while I take the time to consider and identify the next right step for Luna. 

Brides-to-be will be welcomed on the second floor of 514 Beaver Street in Sewickley (accessed through the Lex & Lynne storefront), by appointment only, to explore Luna’s wedding dress collections. This is so that we can fully focus on providing you the care and attention we have become known for. Due to limited space, we will not have occasion dresses available until we find our forever home.


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